Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"It Happened to Me!" From The DBF inbox

On November 08, 2009, I found my son Jack Roney hanging by a karate belt in the restroom. Everything seemed so surreal, like it was not actually happening. I had left him for a brief moment to do a facial on a  client at work. Jack was wise beyond his years and I had NEVER gone to work without him with me. I left him with his cell phone and a list of what to do and what not to do. I am a single mother and we are all facing such crisis in this horrific economy and having to make decisions as parents that we should never have to make. Never do you dream that you have to tell your child not to hang themselves. The reality that people who have not been touched by this is that it can range in ages 7/thru adulthood. The reality is that this is occurring while parents are downstairs cooking supper or watching the television. When I found my beloved, beautiful son he was hanging in the bathroom. I observed a bluish tinge on his beautiful lips and I knew immediately it was bad. I placed my foot on the side of the bath tub and climber on the sink, taking about 30 seconds to 1 minute to untie the karate belt. I then placed my precious, only son on the floor. I slapped him gently on the face begging for him to wake up. I performed CPR and turned his body over while observing projectile vomiting coming out of his mouth and nasal cavity. I turned his body over so he would not choke on his vomit. I looked into his beautiful blue/green eyes and I knew immediatley that the lights had gone out of his eyes and that there was no way that he was going to survive this. I begged him to get up, but to no avail. I watched my child die in my arms. I called 911 immediately on my cell phone and within minutes had 8 medics, 8 police officers, and 8 fire fighters in my home, all desperately attempting to save my beautiful baby. As I spoke with the 911 operator she just kept telling me to calm down. I know that at that point, I was calm. I was screaming bloody murder for help while trying to untie him from the belt and no one heard me. In some capacity, I became frustrated with the 911 operator as I know that I was focused on saving my son's life and I felt that she needed to take control and guide me and tell me what to do. She never said anything but, "calm down." I did everything humanly possible to save his life and conducted CPR with no guidance from the operator. I do not lay blame on anyone for what has happened, not even myself, because I am an excellent mother and Jack lived a life so filled with light, laughter, joy, and love.
I am confident that the older children had talked to him about this. He could have done this when I went up to get the mail. I had always educated my son about the harms of the world and yet, I never,ever dreamed that I would have had to go through this hell. I had seen an interview on 20/20 about this and immediately talked with my son about this. What most parents do not understand is that they have to keep talking about this and all of the other dangers our children are being exposed to at such early ages. Children are mixing cough syrups and pills that they can simply buy over the counter. I beg parents to lock up all of their medications. There are too many temptations out there that kids/teens believe that they are invincible in doing and that they could never get hurt.

Later that evening, after we returned home, I looked at my body at was once again traumatized because I observed bruises all over my arms and legs and it just made everything that just happened, feel so incredibly compounded. Every day, I am haunted by the fact that I witnessed my son hanging and all that I had to go through to get him to the hospital. I will be forever traumatized and have no will, nor desire to live without my angel. HE WAS MY ENTIRE WORLD! He was NEVER placed on the back burner by me. I don't know how to face the world anymore. I don't want to be here without him. No amount of prayer, antidepressant medication, ect. can take this horrific pain away from myself and Jack's family. Jack lived a good life. He had the best of both world's. He was here with me in Honolulu, Hawaii strolling arond the Kahala Hotel and resort with room service at his beck and call. In the summer's and at Christmas, he had visitation with his beloved father, Scott Andrew Hueschen, his step mother, Mary Ann Hueschen and his step siblings, Carlos Olivias, Emilio Olivias, and Alyssa Olivias. He spent many spoiled hours with his grandmother's Helen Jody Hueschen, and Nancy Roney. Also, his Uncle Kurt and his Auntie Heidi. Not to mention the slew of siblings and cousins listed on my side of the family. I still question God, as to how he could have taken my only son from me at such an early age. I have some comfort knowing that he has passed and does not have to lay in a hospital brain dead, hooked up to machines. I am confident that he is in Heaven with his granddaddy's and lots of others who have passed on. To witness my son die in my arms is something that only those who have experienced this hell can truly understand. I feel as thought I have been raped and violated in the worst way by the devil himself. He wants so much to break me, BUT MY FAITH IN GOD IS STRONGER THAN THE PURE EVIL OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF. I feel that there needs to be laws/penal codes changed that will allow children who participate in this 'CRIME" to understand that there are consequences to their actions. There are no consequences for these children who partake in this together. Perhaps, if they knew that they might go to jail, they would think twice about it. I will not stop until there are laws on the books that hold these kids accountable for this "CRIME!"  I was speechless when I called the 911 operator the next day and inquired as to why this person didn't talk me through, and he response to me is that :she has a 9 year old child with whom she prays for every night, so that could never, ever happen to her. Well, my friends, I am a Christian with great faith in the Lord, and I too pray for my son every night and will continue to do so until I meet him again in Heaven. FOR THOSE IGNORANT PARENT'S OUT THERE WHO THINK IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN TO THEM, IT CAN AS IT HAPPENED TO ME. HAD YOU EVER WOULD HAVE TOLD ME THIS WAS GOING TO BE A CHAPTER IN MY LIFE, I TOO WOULD HAVE NEVER, EVER BELIEVED YOU! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth M. Roney, beloved mother of Jack Noah Roney                     

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebrating Holidays when you've lost a child.

My deepest condolences go out to each of the newcomer of 2009. I am so sorry that you have reason to be here. My heart is especially heavy this time of year with the thought of what it takes to get through the first Holiday Season after the loss of a child. The following families will be celebrating their 1st Holiday season in the midst of losing their child since last holiday season.

Roney, Jack
Tayloe, Jason
Casey, Jack E.
Bowman, Maiya
Matherly, William "Tyler"
Smith, Jay
The Family of Christine
Bedolla-West, Marika
The Family of Jack Henry
Jensen, Macklin "Mack"
Nalley, Micheal
Stamper, Randall
Rogers-Nichols, Cheyenne
Conant, Blake Edward
Prough, Donavin
Humphries, Zachary
Tork, Kevin
Anderson, Breanna
Thompson, Zach
Jackson, Charles
Amos, De'ja
Griffin, Tyler Maurice
Loven, John David
Dzbanski, Zachary
Wroe, Brandon
Morgan, Jenny

There are also families who know in Wisconsin, California and Pennsylvania, who bear this pain silently. And sadly there are potentially hundreds more families who are bereaved by the Choking Game.  Please keep them all in your thoughts as they feel the heartache and hopefully the warmth of memories and family around them. And if you feel compelled, leave a comment below.

As you gather your own family together, please take time to remember how precious the moment is.   And please take the opportunity to speak with your family, extended relatives, and particularly the tweens and teens you know about the dangers of the Choking Game.  Many of the parents,  whose children's names are above, wish they had that chance.

Quick Links:  ChokingGame.netVictim's National Database  |  Support & Networking (section on this topic)  | Donation


Thursday, November 19, 2009

'Choking Game' Reported Among Local Teens 'They Could Literally Die,' Doctors Say


Kalama police are investigating reports of at least 10 high school students choking each other last week in what doctors call the "choking game."The students created a video of themselves choking each other until they passed out and posted it on YouTube. The video has since been removed.Michael Vanoni, a sophomore at Kalama High School, said the group played the game "for the fun of it.""We were in sleeper holds until our arm fell down. When our arm fell down, they would let us go," Vanoni said. "We were actually out cold."Vanoni said seventh-graders watched the older teenagers pass out on purpose."We were bored at our friend's house on Friday night," he said.Doctors said parents of students who take part in the choking game should be concerned."This is really a bad idea," said Ray Moreno, an emergency room physician at Providence St. Vincent hospital. "This is not a benign thing."Moreno said teenagers may not recognize the danger in getting high by cutting off their blood supply."As you're looking at them shouting for them to wake up, they're not going to wake up," Moreno said. "They could literally die there."The Internet is full of clips similar to the one posted by the Kalama teenagers. Many of the videos have warnings.Kalama police said they're investigating any potential criminal reckless endangerment.Vanoni said he and his friends don't plan to choke each other anymore."I found out what could really happen," he said. "(You) can actually get brain damage."Moreno said parents should treat the fad as any other potentially deadly behavior. He recommends speaking with teenagers and warning them before it is too late.'Choking Game' Reported At HS; Police Investigate

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is the choking game taking victims in YOUR backyard? UPDATED interactive map of the victims in the United States

Chances are kids in your area already know about the Choking Game. 
What they DO NOT know are the dangers (i.e. death, stroke, seizures, retinal damage, etc)
.  We must educate adults and child of these dangers! 
 Zoom in to your State, your City to examine the cases in your area

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kevin Tork's Family speaks to kids in WA


Posted on October 29, 2009 at 10:53 PM

CHIMACUM, Wash. - In the town of Chimacum, folks still talk about the state champion baseball team from a few years back. The center of activity is the town's 54-year-old café, right next door to the feed store. It's consummate small town America and mind-numbingly dull to kids.
"It's not much to do except for the same stuff that you've already done," said one teen.
One thing most kids here hadn't done before until recently was something called "the choking game" where one person chokes another cutting off blood to the brain.
"Why do you think people are doing this? Because they think it's fun and they want to get high off of it for a couple seconds," said Julia Casal, witness.
Julia and classmate Bethany saw it happen a few weeks ago at Chimacum Middle School. An 8th grade boy collapsed to the floor right before their eyes in their morning English class.
"I was really shocked. I didn't know what to do. I thought he was going to die," said Julia
"I learned about it from a couple friends," said the boy who admitted to choking his classmate.
He said about half of the boys in the 8th grade alone have tried the choking game, never thinking about the possible consequences - until now.
"I mean I've done something that has killed people and I just," said the boy. "I don't really know what to feel. I mean, I feel stupid."
It would be convenient to pass this off as an isolated incident, a small town thing that rarely happens, but that would be a lie. The choking game is killing countless kids all across our country.
No one knows that better than the Tork Family of Issaquah. Eleven-year-old Kelly Tork called 9-1-1 after finding her brother Kevin unconscious in his room this past March. He had been playing the choking game by himself.
9-1-1 dispatcher: Go ahead and get him flat on his back on the floor. I can give you CPR instructions, okay?
Kelly: Please help me, I'm only 11 years old.
9-1-1 dispatcher: Okay.
Kevin's father, Ken Tork, is using the agony of losing a son to open people's eyes to what's going on.
"There are no winners when you play the choking game," he said.
He told his family's story to anyone who would listen at an assembly at Chimacum Middle School in response to the recent incident there.
"They actually had Kevin's heart beating, and he was breathing, but he dies on the way to the hospital," Ken told students.
It's an intensely personal look at the losers left behind by the choking game, complete with that 9-1-1 call, pictures from the 15-year-old's funeral and a father's final kiss to his beloved boy.
"I can't save my son, but if I can save one of you," Ken told the students.
By the assembly's end, there was evidence the kids were getting the message by the family filling the void left by a deadly game.
"One kid comes up and hugs you and says 'Thank you for coming here today.' That's why we do this," said Ken.
There have been at least 28 more deaths attributed to the choking game worldwide just since March. Ken Tork believes the actual number is much higher because there is no procedure to accurately track them.
For more information, go to www.chokinggame.net and www.forkevinssake.wordpress.com.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vote for your Fav "Wear Your Awarenss 2009" Picture!

There are so many GREAT entries in our "Wear Your Awareness" Campaign:
The 3 headed Monster, Karlee's Traveling Shirt, and The Mascot, just to name a few.

We need your help to pick a winner! 

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 Vote for one picture per ballot but you may enter as many ballots as you like.

Congratulations to Ms.Lloydine for winning all weeks of the Scavenger Hunt - she really is an Awareness Warrior! 

And wonderful kudos go to Mr. Aidan for being the very first OFFICIAL Wearer of Awareness 2009 - Thank you Aidan! 

And thank you to all the supporters in this campaign to raise awareness for the dangers of the Choking Game.

Wear Your Awareness 2010 - look for it in April !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deadly high: "Choking game" leads to accidental death of 13-year-old Grand Blanc student

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Maiya's family and friends.... 

Deadly high: "Choking game" leads to accidental death of 13-year-old Grand Blanc student

By Laura Angus

September 20, 2009, 1:26AM
MUNDY TOWNSHIP, Michigan — It had been a perfectly normal August day when Maiya Bowman apparently decided to play a game.
The 13-year-old Grand Blanc West Middle School student had spent the afternoon at her grandmother's house and was looking forward to a trip to Michigan's Adventure the following weekend. She had dreams of attending Penn State on a basketball scholarship to study fashion design.
But that night, Maiya tried to make herself pass out for a rush and never came out of it, her parents said.
It was supposed to be fun, a game even.
It was deadly... READ MORE >

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Thoughts and prayers go out to...

...the family of Christina and her small son who is now left motherless because of The Choking Game.

Please keep her family and her son in your thoughts and prayers for strength and peace as they begin this journey of living with the loss of Christina.

Please take a moment to leave her family a comment of support and hope (click comments below)

Friday, August 14, 2009

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Update: Choking Game Awareness T shirts

Again we have overwhelming response to the Tee shirts and will be placing one final order.

Additions to these Generation 4 shirts are:
Donavin Micheal Prough and Megan M. Williams

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The DB Foundation

"Raising Awareness and Providing Education of the deadly teen Choking Game"
Choking Game Facts & Stats | Victim Database | NEW! Awareness T-Shirts

620AM Radio WTMJ Talks Choking Game


By Charlie Sykes

Hi Jeff and Charlie,
I wanted to share this story with you in case the recent news of the Columbus high school boy who died of the "choking game" is mentioned on your show.
We lost our son, Jack, at 13 years old to the same activity. He was a 8th grade student at Longfellow M.S. in Wauwatosa. He died Oct 25, 2006. We worked so hard to bring awareness about this deadly activity to our area by organizing a parent information night, a school district inservice (at the Wauwatosa school district in May of 2008) and a police officer- school resource officer training session at MATC (Oct. 2008). We are currently working with Children's Hospital to come up with some type of programing for pediatricians and other medical providers who might be able to recognize signs of kids doing this activity. I am so sad that the Jensen family of Columbus has to experience this tragic loss and that we were not able to help prevent that.
Here are two excellent web sites if you want to familize yourself about the "choking game" before you talk about it. It happens more than anyone can realize because so often the deaths are ruled suicide or undetermined. Its common knowledge in the schools but kids wont talk about it once the tragedy occurs.
In response to these kinds of stories, many people react with - these were dumb kids, these kids had no supervision, where were the parents? I can tell you that Jack was a very bright boy, was supervised and held accountable for the impulsive teenage actions he was doing and I was in our home when he did this activity. I had just spoken to him 15 minutes before I found him, on his knees. I was going to ask him to come help me make his favorite dinner, Chancery Chicken.
If this topic does come up on either of your shows, please direct anyone to these two excellent web sites.
Thank you and call if you need any more information,
Judy Doyle, Jack's Mom
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

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Brandon Rodriguez
Kevin Riess
David Thompson

If you would like your child included on the CGA tees as a Victim of the Choking Game who is now raising awareness - you must send The DB Foundation parental permission.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Choking Game Awareness Shirts up for 1st week in May Edit

Generation 3 Choking Game Awareness T-shirts

If you would like your child's name added to the back of the Tee shirts, please call (see contact page) or email events@TheDBFoundation.com giving permission and the name exactly as you wish it to appear.

Additions - Brandon Rodriguez, Kevin Riess

Thanks to everyone for your support in this awareness campaign!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Uriah Martin's story covered in a 2 part Series

A heartbreaking 2 part story as Toni tells the story of her sweet son Uriah and the devastation the Choking Game has left.
Part I
Part II

FAQs brought about by the TODAY show interview with The Tork family

There has been a great response to The Tork family's interview on this mornings Today Show (NBC). We have received many question through the Blog and will try to answer some of them here. Questions directly relating to Ken and his family will be directed to them so keep on the look out for their response.

Do you have a Facebook page? Yes we do! Become a FAN by clicking here or join the Choking Game Awareness Group

Is The Choking Game a new trend? No. It has been around for generations and generations.

Is YouTube the issue?
No, not entirely. The enormity of this issue lies with a lack of education, for parents and children alike. Having said that, without children being educated, repeatedly as you would with any risky behavior, they are then being exposed to YouTube (and other internet sites) videos of the Choking Game being played as a 'game'. In many of these videos the participants are giggling and unless a child is aware of the danger in participating themsemves, they are at risk. The bottom line - talk to your children about the grave danger in taking part in this high risk activity and have it be an on going conversation.

How do I set parental controls on my computer? Here are very easy step-by-step instructions to set parental controls.

I think my child died from The Choking Game, what do I do now? We strongly urge you to contact The DB Foundation and we can help you through the process of discovery and grief support

Do you have a family member who was injured or killed from playing the Choking Game?

The Database of Accidental Asphyxia Victims is compiled with data acquired from immediate family members, media and other reliable sources. We consider a victim to be someone who has participated and has after-effects (i.e. headaches, memory loss, vision impairment, brain damage, death) directly due to their participation in the Choking Game.

To add your loved one to the database, with complete information, partial information or a confidential entry - Click here for the Registration Form. If you feel there is a correction or omission to the database, please contact us.

Also please consider completing either the Injury Survey or the Fatality Survey

Thank you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TODAY Show to air segment on Choking Game

The TODAY show (NBCs morning show) will air a segment about the Choking Game tomorrow, Fri April 24th.

Ken Tork, his wife and daughter will be in NY (their son Kevin passed away March 30, 2009) discussing the Choking Game and it's devastating effects. Also interviewed was Trish Russell, she shared her extensive knowledge of the medical side of The Choking Game.

Thanks to all who took part and we'll be watching tomorrow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Seminar in Reedley, CA includes Choking Game

Rebounding to Success Teen Conference , Reedley CA
When: Saturday, Apr 25, 2009
Where: Reedley College in Reedley CA (map)
Description: Rebounding to Success Teen Conference
Audience: The conference is free of charge for both teens and parents.
Speaker: Carlos Flores, RN

For more info: email events@TheDBFoundation.com

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Message from Kevin Tork's Dad, Ken

Message: Hello to all, our family has experienced a horrible tragedy. We lost our son Kevin Monday night March 30th to a craze that has invaded our children's lives 'the choking game'. He was 15. Before I tell you about how he died I would like to tell you a little about how he lived.

He was the perfect son in everyway. He was happy and fun loving and caring, He would be the first to jump in with out being asked and help where needed. He loved his family fiercely. He loved to laugh and make others laugh. He was in several plays in school, he loved music, basketball, writing poetry and stories. He loved making swords and models and he was the most honest young man there has ever been. He truly was perfect in every way. We told each other several times a day that we loved each other and we hugged multiple times a day.

Everyone I have talked to has told me how special he was, and you just felt it when you were in his presence. I am just now finding out how truly amazing this kid was, his classmates got to see a side of him I never did because at home he was our baby boy. Home was where he came to be a kid. When he walked out that door every morning he turned into this strong young man that I can now only know through their stories or his journals. His love for other people just reached out to you with out you even knowing it. One of his classmates told us that 5 minutes after she met him she felt she knew him her whole life.

I want to share with you three of the many stories that demonstrate the strength of his soul. When he was 6 my wife had to go pick up her father at the train station in downtown Seattle. He asked if he could have 75 c to go get a bag of chips from the machine. Well the chips got stuck and did not fall out and my wife told him she didn't have another 75 c to get another bag. A homeless gentleman overheard this and came up and said here you go ma'am and gave her the money for another bag of chips and walked away. Kevin got his chips and he and his mother went and sat down. Kevin looked across the train station and saw the man that gave him the money and he asked if he could go share those chips with that man, so he walked over and they just sat and talked and ate potato chips, and that man came up to my wife and told her with tears in his eyes that was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for him.

Two summers ago my father and his wife came to see me and we were downtown on the waterfront and were having dinner. A very scary looking woman came up to me and asked for money. She was an obvious addict so I told her that I would not give her money but she could have my meal. She looked past me and walked up to my son he had pulled a ten dollar bill from his wallet, money he earned mowing the lawn, he gave her that money, she said thank you and turned and walked away. We all immediately jumped on him and told him never to do that again, it was a kind gesture but that she was just going to go and buy more drugs or she could have a disease or she could have hurt him. All the things a parent might say in that situation. He got very upset and started crying very softly and was quiet the rest of the night. Later after everyone went to bed he came to me and asked to talk. He told me that he understood why we got mad at him but he just felt that he was supposed to give her that money that somewhere down the road it might make a difference in her life. My eyes filled with tears and I grabbed him and held him to my chest and told him to forget everything we said earlier. That sometimes we adults don't see things as clearly as a pure soul and his was the purest soul God cold make.

A few months ago he was walking his sister home from the bus stop when a car drove by and yelled something at him and his sister. The car went up the hill and turned around and came back and as the car approached the passenger pulled out a knife and the car slowed down. Kevin grabbed his sister and pushed her behind him and stood to face these two boys ready to do whatever he had to do to protect his sister. The driver yelled an obscenity and drove away.

I want everyone to know this was the way Kevin lived his life everyday. There was no sacrifice too great. No task too big and for those of you that knew him... you experienced it. He had compassion for everyone he met that never wavered not even a little. We found a statement that Kevin wrote and I think this sums it up very well. "I believe that life is eternal and life is a flame that will never go out. I am a Christian so I believe in God and heaven. I also believe that we go there when our life here is over. I believe that angels are the souls of our loved ones that come to see their families and to watch over them and be close to them and try to help them. This is what I believe.

Two days before he died he and I were talking and he asked me if he had to sacrifice his life to save his mom and sister would I be ok with that. I said ok with it no because he was my boy and I loved him but if it had to happen then I would be able to accept it because he would be saving the life of his mom and sister and that was the way we raised him. To do what was right. He then asked what if it was a total stranger would I be able to handle that. I told him... well son, I would not like it and it would hurt me forever but if he felt he had to do that and that the life he saved may go on to do great things then yes I could live with it because that's what warriors do. He then said that if he has to die he wanted it to be saving others. I teach self defense at a karate school in Auburn Wa. and I understand that sometimes one might have to make that ultimate sacrifice to save another and I like to think I will be brave enough when called upon to do that but how many 15 year old boys in today's day and age would even consider it. This was the man my boy had become.
I am asking anyone who reads this letter to pass it on or if you don't like to forward stuff then to print this email out and show it to people. I have been praying for my son and my family. Our hearts have been destroyed by this and when I was at a point where I could not go on I suddenly felt his love come into my heart and pull the pieces together and I felt him giving me a message. And that message was
'Dad I need to let people know about this'. There are other kids just like me that are being reached online and at school and are thinking of trying this. You have to stop it. I didn't mean to die, I didn't mean to hurt you and mama and Kelly. I'm so sorry but it's up to you now to let people know". And my soul was surrounded with his love.

On the night he died the paramedics said they had his heart beating and he was trying to breath, but I think he was given a choice and knowing Kevin he saw a chance to save other people and if it meant he had to sacrifice himself to do it he would because he was that kind of man and he knows how strong our family is and he knows how strong our friends are and he knows God will get us through this.
For those of you who have lost a child you understand our grief. For those of you who have not please cherish your children and share with them our story and be as graphic and as candid as they can handle so that maybe just maybe we can all stop this. HUNDREDS of kids have died. This "game" is taking our children at an alarming rate and people have got to know! Parents have to be told that this activity is not a fad it is an epidemic that is killing our children.

I am asking, begging on my knees to anyone that reads this letter. Talk to your children. make them aware, love them, hold them, shower them with kisses, because we will never again be able to hold his head on our shoulder or smell the scent of his hair or watch his face light up when he smiles or see the twinkle in his eyes or feel his arms around us, or hear again the last words he spoke to me " I love you too dad"

Help me fight this battle. Pray with all your might, and tell anyone who will listen. Our family will bear this cross that God has asked us to carry but please share our story, our grief, our loss, so that someone you know and love will not have to experience this unspeakable, unbearable, unending pain. And then my son's death will not be in vain.

Ken Tork

Monday, April 13, 2009

Choking Game Presentation in PA on April 15, 2009

Where: Castle Shannon Fire Dept. in the Green Room
3600 Library Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15234.

Speaker: Medic Josh Stuart

Audience: Parents and Adolescents

Contact Mr. Stuart 412-343-5111 jstuart@mrtsa.com

This will be a lecture/discussion about the dangerous trend known as "The Choking Game". It will include medical information, X-rays and pictures, personal stories, reall 911 dispatch tape and actual video, contents which are graphic. Anyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult.
Seating is limited. Please RSVP by April 7 2009.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choking Game Awareness T-shirts

The Awareness shirts have been, and continue to be, a great success in raising awareness for the Choking Game. G3 shirts are now in the edit phase - if you would like to add a Choking Game Victim's name to the list of 75+ victims of the generation 3 shirts, please email events@TheDBFoundation.com. Seeing these precious names in black and white has been difficult for many families and friends of victims. However, it makes it very real for other people that children are dying from The Choking Game. And undoubtedly the T-shirts send home the message we are so desperately raising awareness about- "Choking is NEVER a 'Game'!

Weekly contest is now posted for next week - The Scavenger Hunt is "Wear Your Awareness" with....

The category contests have begun with entries starting to be uploaded to ChokingGame.net.

We cannot help but to share those that were entered recently.

Meet 'The 3 Headed Monster' Wearing Their Awareness. Awesome idea Somers' family. Alesa would be giggling, without a doubt! Thanks for your entry.

Voting by the general public starts once there are 20 entries - so keep checking the website for new entries!

To get in on the Action and start Raising Awareness - Get your Choking Game Awareness T-shirt HERE

Monday, April 6, 2009

G2 Choking Game Awareness T-shirts are now available.

Generation 2 Awareness T-shirts

UPDATE: G2 (Generation 2) Choking Game Awareness Shirts are now Available!

Printing on these shirts will be exactly the same except for the following additions/changes to the names on the back. However, we have upgraded the brand of shirt to Champion brand quality shirts and will use this brand for all future Awareness shirts.

Addition: Tyler Maurice Griffin
Kodee Alcott

Changes: Xavier John Dazo


Generation 3 Awareness T-shirts are now up for edit. We project this order to be placed May 1st 2009

Addition: Brandon Rodriguez

Please contact The DB Foundation if you would like to add the name of a family member who is a Choking Game Victim.

Up Coming Events

CA, Stockton ~ Choking Game Seminar
When: Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009
Where: Stockton, Grand Hotel in Stockton, CA (map)
Description: 9th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Symposium
Speaker: Carlos Flores, RN
Contact: Carlos Flores RN
Trauma Coordinator
Children's Hospital Central California
(559) 353 5989

NC, Lenoir ~ Choking Game Presentation for students
When: Thu, April 9, 9am – 11am
Where: West Caldwell High School, Lenoir,NC (map)
Description: Risky Teen Behavior Presentation
Audience: Students and Staff
Speaker: Dale Galloway
Contact: The DB Foundation (904) 315-2222

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kick Off of "Wear Your Awareness" is tomorrow!

April 1st is tomorrow and the official kick off of "Wear Your Awareness". Get your Raising Awareness Tees on and get those cameras ready!

Contests are open for entries! If you've taken a pic "Wear Your Awareness" that's great but doesn't fit a category, there's always the Wild Card category!

Old, young, far away, right next door, one person or 100 people - get those pics and send them in to www.ChokingGame.net> Wear Your Awareness


This campaign will go on through the summer, so invite your friends to join along too! It's all about raising awareness for The Choking Game!

Thanks for your continued support!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Generation 2 Awareness T-shirts

UPDATE: G2 (Generation 2) Choking Game Awareness Shirts are now Available!

On Friday, March 27 at 4 PM the order will go in for the Generation 2 Choking Game Awareness T-Shirts.

Everything will be exactly the same except for the following additions/changes to the names on the back. Please, let us know asap if there are other additions/changes by emailing us via the contact form

Addition: Tyler Maurice Griffin
Kodee Alcott

Changes: Xavier John Dazo

Don't forget to get your Choking Game Awareness T-Shirt!


Choking Game Awareness T-shirts are going fast, 200 out the door in one week! We don't want anyone who wants one to miss out!

Get yours today visit:


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awareness T-shirts!

The Choking Game Awareness T-shirts have arrived!
We have distributed the first shipment of 200 T-shirts out to our fantastic supporters!
200 Awareness T-Shirts roaming the planet - awesome, simply AWESOME and it's just the beginning!

The "Wear Your Awareness" contest will begin on April 1st.
Charge your camera batteries and start brainstorming your entry ideas!

For all the details visit - www.ChokingGame.net > "Wear Your Awareness"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Choking Game Brochures now in Spanish!

www.ChokingGame.net now has the Choking Game Brochures in Spanish and English!

Just like the original brochure, the Spanish version is available for FREE download from www.ChokingGame.net under "Teaching Tools".

We would like to send an very special thank you to the Lagnese's and their helpers for the time and effort they put into translating!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Notice: Parents of Choking Game Victims

There have been issues lately with images being pirated from the website and published online in various places. It is close to impossible to stop this type of internet piracy from occurring. And more often than not, the intent is genuinely goodnatured and for raising awareness. However, we respect your privacy and your right (along with your child's right) to know when and where this information is being published.

Therefore all images on www.ChokingGame.net have been watermarked in an effort to prevent this activity. Our hope is that, at the very least, persons wishing to use this material will request permission. If not, the watermark will serve as a marker as to where the picture was copied from and we can take corrective measures.

The DB Foundation will request your permission each and every time to use your child's name or likeness, without fail. If we are contacted with a request for another site to access this information, we will contact you. If you prefer, you can give a blanket permission for all purposes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awareness T-shirts!

The Choking Game Awareness T-shirts have arrived!
We have distributed the first shipment of 200 T-shirts out to our fantastic supporters!
200 Awareness T-Shirts roaming the planet - awesome, simply AWESOME and it's just the beginning!

The "Wear Your Awareness" contest will begin on April 1st.
Charge your camera batteries and start brainstorming your entry ideas!

For all the details visit - www.ChokingGame.net > "Wear Your Awareness"

Monday, March 9, 2009

IL, Lewistown ~ Seminar on Choking Game Thu, March 12

IL, Lewistown ~ Seminar on Choking Game

Thu, March 12

Where: Lewistown, Illinois high school. (map)

Dangers of the Choking Game Seminar

Audience: Students and Teachers

Where: Lewistown High School
1551 N Main
Lewistown, IL 61542
(309) 547-2288

Speakers: Barb Dreyer (Parent to a victim of the Choking Game)
Toni Jansen

March 12, 2009 NC- Risky Teen Behaviors Seminar

NC- Risky Teen Behaviors Seminar

Thu, March 12, 6pm – 7pm

Where: Valley Springs Middle School Asheville,NC (map)

Speakers: Dale & Michele Galloway

Audience: Open to parents and students

Texas Choking Game Presentation Mon March 9

Texas, Choking Game Presentation

Mon, March 9, 4:00pm – 6:30pm

Where: Pasadena Memorial High - 4410 Crenshaw Pasadena, Tx (map)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 5, 2009 Wichita Kansas Choking Game event

Kansas State School Psychology Department

Where: Kansas State School Psychology Department – Wichita, KS
Instructional Service Center
412 S. Main
Room 2 North
Wichita, KS

Audience: Adults

Speaker: Carrie Draher

California Choking Game Seminar for School Nurses

California State School Nurse Assoc.

: Thu, March 5, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Where: Sacramento, CA. (map)
Description: Choking Game Seminar California School Nurses Organization State meeting in Sacramento, CA.
Speaker: Carlos Flores, RN

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Madison WI Choking Game Presentation

Wisconsin - Choking Game Seminar

When: Fri, February 27, 1pm – 3pm

: Madison Memorial High School 201 S. Gammon Rd. Madison, WI 53717 (map)

Description: "Dangers of The Choking Game" Presentation

Audience: School Security Staff

Speaker: Off. Leslie Fox Dane
County Sheriff’s Office 608-833-9560

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Wear your Awareness" T-shirts Choking Game Victim's (preliminary)

Updated 02/20/09 2:44 PM EST

To be reviewed by all parents:
Here's is the rough draft list of Choking Game victim's names to be listed on the back of the Choking Game Awareness T-shirts. If your loved one is not listed here it is because we have not yet received permission from the family. Please email us permission asap to be included in the Choking Game Awareness T-shirts. Thank you to all of you who are sharing you loved one with the world, literally, all for the sake of raising awareness.

Dylan A. Blake
Austin Gillentine-Bruckner
Elijah Cole
Cody Cochran
Xavier Dazo
Jack Doyle
Braden Erickson
Jeffrey Espey
Connor E. Galloway
Michael Galvan
Tyler Blake Garrett
Ellis Tyler Gundel-Goodson
Eric Grove
Dustin Harris
Andrew Garrett Hilliard
David Cody Hudson
Zach Hughes
Cody Williard -Joblonski
Harley Ray Jones

Dalton Knauss
Jason Isaac Linkins
Spencer Lively
Nathan William Manz
Kristian Marceno
Sammii Marquez
Uriah Martin
Leo Louis McPhee
Coty Mills
Marc Anthony Morales
Jenny Morgan
Coleman Noia
Evan O'Connor
Jeffrey D. Patton
Jeffrey Peak

Colin Russell
Anthony Sankovic
Justin Serrano
Mary Margaret Sipple
Josh Sowells
Jordan Sparvier
Randy Stahl II
Stephen Stefkovich
Sean Padraic Sullivan
Aurianna Taylor
Matthew Vander Stel
Chris Furf Wilson
Kimber Wilson
Cayden Wince (-Prior)*
Yannick Whitehead

If you find any corrections or omissions please contact us ASAP, thanks!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Day for Victim Name additions to T-shirts

ATTN: Families who've lost someone to the Choking Game

Friday, Feb 20th 2009 @ 5 PM is the deadline to submit your child's name to be added to the Awareness T-Shirts

Choking Game Victim's names on the Awareness T-shirts

Names will be listed on the Awareness T-Shirts only if we receive permission from the family.
We will always ask for permission to place your child's name on any awareness material, they are your children after all :)

If you want, you can email a blanket permission to be used for all future materials.

email permission to : Events@TheDBFoundation.com

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Choking Game Parents - reminder Friday deadline

Choking Game Victim's names on the
Awareness T-shirts

Names will be listed on the Awareness T-Shirts only if we receive permission from the family.
We will always ask for permission to place your child's name on any awareness material, they are your children after all :)

If you want, you can email a blanket permission to be used for all future materials.

email permission to : Events@TheDBFoundation.com

Thanks everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

T-Shirts! Get your T-Shirt!

Just in time for summer!

Never a 'game' T-Shirts

Choking is NEVER a 'game'. (front)

On the back "We are raising awareness and providing education in memory of every child killed by this 'game'. "followed by victims listed by name

Available is sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL starting on March 1st 2009 - preorders being taken now!

To Order: Visit ChokingGame.net/ Raise Awareness

or copy and paste this : http://www.chokinggame.net/communitytools.html

Parents of victims: If you wish to have your child's name added to the back, please email Events@TheDBFoundation with the name as you wish it to be seen on the shirt.

Choking Game Seminar Tues Feb. 10 2009 in N. Carolina and Prt Arthur Tx.

Texas Seminar - Choking Game
When Tue, February 10, 6pm – 8pm
Where The Wheatly School, 1100 Jefferson Dr. Port Arthur TX. 77642 (map)

Port Arthur Independent School District Location: Dangers of the Choking Game
Presentation by Off. Cliff O'Quinn Parents and staff are welcome - 100 attendees are expected

North Carolina - Seminar Choking Game
When: Tue, February 10, 7pm – 8pm
Where: Enloe High School, Raleigh,NC (map)

"The Choking Game and other Risky Teen Behaviors" Enloe High School PTSA Meeting (open to parents and students)

Speaker: Dale and Michele Galloway

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Deerfield Wisconsin Choking Game Presentation Feb 2, 2009

ATTN Wisconsin

Deerfield and surrounding area residents:

A Dangers of the Choking Game Presentation is coming to your area!

Monday Feb 2, 2009 @ 3 pm

Deerfield High School
300 Simonson Blvd. Deerfield, WI 53531
Audience: Teachers and Parents

Speaker: Dane County Sheriff’s Office

If you need more information contact Leslie Fox with the Dane County Sheriff's Dept or contact Events at The DB Foundation.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unveiling the new CGA Forum

We are very excited to begin the year with a new improved forum.

The CGA forum (Choking Game Awareness forum) is a place where everyone can congregate and network. Grieving parents and families, speakers and presenters, along with all advocates and those interested in prevention and education of the Choking Game all have a place within the DB Foundation and of course this forum.

The CGA forum has many features and unlimited access to members for safe, secure networking with each other. Member profiles, PDF sharing, YouTube and the calendar are just a few of the highlights.

We look forward to seeing familiar faces and welcome the many new faces as well.

Here is the direct link should you need to copy and paste
Be sure to bookmark or add the CGA forum to your favorites once you arrive.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Connecticut Officials Say Middle-Schoolers Played Choking Game

Connecticut Officials Say Middle-Schoolers Played Choking Game

Monday, December 22, 2008

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. — North Haven officials are warning parents about the dangers of what's called the "choking game" after nine middle school students admitted they tried it out in school bathrooms last week.

The game involves actual choking to produce a euphoric, dreamlike feeling that comes when blood rushes back to the brain. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the game is linked to the deaths of 82 children from 1995 through 2007.

North Haven Middle School Principal Philip Piazza says nine friends decided to try out the "choking game" after reading about it on the Internet. He says the students told him they felt woozy and were close to passing out.

No one was hurt. Piazza says the students involved face disciplinary action.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Strangulation Activity

Long has been the debate over what exactly to call this activity. The media calls it 'The Choking Game', kids call it "Pass Out" or 'Blackout' and the CDC will be calling it "strangulation activity".

After reading the article here: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/checkup/ and the following part:

Toblin says the idea for the name switch came up when she first presented data from that study to a group of physicians. One of the doctors was Katz, who suggested that a more ominous name might drive home the point that it's serious business. Katz and Toblin reason that, just as calling motor vehicle accidents "crashes" suggests that they are potentially preventable and thus allows for taking steps to prevent such events, so might calling the choking game "strangulation" allow for a different, more effective set of interventions.

It makes some sense. However, strangulation only encompasses a few methods of The Choking Game. Would the popular chest compression method be excluded from the parameters of this title?

Just our food for thought. What are you thoughts on the term "strangulation activity'?