Friday, February 20, 2009

"Wear your Awareness" T-shirts Choking Game Victim's (preliminary)

Updated 02/20/09 2:44 PM EST

To be reviewed by all parents:
Here's is the rough draft list of Choking Game victim's names to be listed on the back of the Choking Game Awareness T-shirts. If your loved one is not listed here it is because we have not yet received permission from the family. Please email us permission asap to be included in the Choking Game Awareness T-shirts. Thank you to all of you who are sharing you loved one with the world, literally, all for the sake of raising awareness.

Dylan A. Blake
Austin Gillentine-Bruckner
Elijah Cole
Cody Cochran
Xavier Dazo
Jack Doyle
Braden Erickson
Jeffrey Espey
Connor E. Galloway
Michael Galvan
Tyler Blake Garrett
Ellis Tyler Gundel-Goodson
Eric Grove
Dustin Harris
Andrew Garrett Hilliard
David Cody Hudson
Zach Hughes
Cody Williard -Joblonski
Harley Ray Jones

Dalton Knauss
Jason Isaac Linkins
Spencer Lively
Nathan William Manz
Kristian Marceno
Sammii Marquez
Uriah Martin
Leo Louis McPhee
Coty Mills
Marc Anthony Morales
Jenny Morgan
Coleman Noia
Evan O'Connor
Jeffrey D. Patton
Jeffrey Peak

Colin Russell
Anthony Sankovic
Justin Serrano
Mary Margaret Sipple
Josh Sowells
Jordan Sparvier
Randy Stahl II
Stephen Stefkovich
Sean Padraic Sullivan
Aurianna Taylor
Matthew Vander Stel
Chris Furf Wilson
Kimber Wilson
Cayden Wince (-Prior)*
Yannick Whitehead

If you find any corrections or omissions please contact us ASAP, thanks!

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