Thursday, March 19, 2009

Notice: Parents of Choking Game Victims

There have been issues lately with images being pirated from the website and published online in various places. It is close to impossible to stop this type of internet piracy from occurring. And more often than not, the intent is genuinely goodnatured and for raising awareness. However, we respect your privacy and your right (along with your child's right) to know when and where this information is being published.

Therefore all images on have been watermarked in an effort to prevent this activity. Our hope is that, at the very least, persons wishing to use this material will request permission. If not, the watermark will serve as a marker as to where the picture was copied from and we can take corrective measures.

The DB Foundation will request your permission each and every time to use your child's name or likeness, without fail. If we are contacted with a request for another site to access this information, we will contact you. If you prefer, you can give a blanket permission for all purposes.