Saturday, August 1, 2009

Update: Choking Game Awareness T shirts

Again we have overwhelming response to the Tee shirts and will be placing one final order.

Additions to these Generation 4 shirts are:
Donavin Micheal Prough and Megan M. Williams

(If you would like your loved one, who is a victim of the Choking Game, included please email us back with the name as you wish it to be printed on the shirts. Deadline: Fri August 7th)

To ensure you are able to get a Tee shirt, please place your request by August 15th.

How to place a Choking Game Awareness T-shirt request:

To donate by Paypal (Credit Card or PayPal account)-

Go and click the PayPal button
or to go directly to the PayPal donation page - click this link

The directions are on the page but here they are:
Enter your donation amount
(August 1-15 special is 50% off - only $10 donation per shirt)
Click Update Total
Enter Your PayPal Info or Credit Card info (you don't need to register with PayPal to use a credit card)
You will be asked to specify color / size for each shirt.

To donate by Mail (Check or Money Order)

Mail check or money order along with color and size request for each shirt
to The DB Foundation
PO BOX 351787
Palm Coast, FL 32135-1787

Thank you for your support! And feel free to forward this information to those who might be interested.

The DB Foundation

"Raising Awareness and Providing Education of the deadly teen Choking Game"
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620AM Radio WTMJ Talks Choking Game


By Charlie Sykes

Hi Jeff and Charlie,
I wanted to share this story with you in case the recent news of the Columbus high school boy who died of the "choking game" is mentioned on your show.
We lost our son, Jack, at 13 years old to the same activity. He was a 8th grade student at Longfellow M.S. in Wauwatosa. He died Oct 25, 2006. We worked so hard to bring awareness about this deadly activity to our area by organizing a parent information night, a school district inservice (at the Wauwatosa school district in May of 2008) and a police officer- school resource officer training session at MATC (Oct. 2008). We are currently working with Children's Hospital to come up with some type of programing for pediatricians and other medical providers who might be able to recognize signs of kids doing this activity. I am so sad that the Jensen family of Columbus has to experience this tragic loss and that we were not able to help prevent that.
Here are two excellent web sites if you want to familize yourself about the "choking game" before you talk about it. It happens more than anyone can realize because so often the deaths are ruled suicide or undetermined. Its common knowledge in the schools but kids wont talk about it once the tragedy occurs.
In response to these kinds of stories, many people react with - these were dumb kids, these kids had no supervision, where were the parents? I can tell you that Jack was a very bright boy, was supervised and held accountable for the impulsive teenage actions he was doing and I was in our home when he did this activity. I had just spoken to him 15 minutes before I found him, on his knees. I was going to ask him to come help me make his favorite dinner, Chancery Chicken.
If this topic does come up on either of your shows, please direct anyone to these two excellent web sites.
Thank you and call if you need any more information,
Judy Doyle, Jack's Mom
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin