Friday, December 12, 2008

So many kids, so many families, friends and communities...

We are sending comforting thoughts and prayers of peace to Elijah's family and friends in Canada. We are so sad to hear that after days in a coma, Elijah passed away after playing the Choking Game.

Sympathies and sorry just are not enough to express how sorry we are for their loss and the loss so many families are suffering this time of year.

Megan's family and Elijah's family are talking about how they lost their loved one, hoping other children will then know the dangers and be spared.

If for no other reason then not wanting to walk in the shoes of a parent bereaved by the Choking Game - please take a moment a give your child, and the children in your life, the best gift for Christmas. Save their life - give them the power of knowledge about how dangerous the Choking Game is. If you need a starting point or more information in order to have this conversation visit