Friday, April 24, 2009

FAQs brought about by the TODAY show interview with The Tork family

There has been a great response to The Tork family's interview on this mornings Today Show (NBC). We have received many question through the Blog and will try to answer some of them here. Questions directly relating to Ken and his family will be directed to them so keep on the look out for their response.

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Is The Choking Game a new trend? No. It has been around for generations and generations.

Is YouTube the issue?
No, not entirely. The enormity of this issue lies with a lack of education, for parents and children alike. Having said that, without children being educated, repeatedly as you would with any risky behavior, they are then being exposed to YouTube (and other internet sites) videos of the Choking Game being played as a 'game'. In many of these videos the participants are giggling and unless a child is aware of the danger in participating themsemves, they are at risk. The bottom line - talk to your children about the grave danger in taking part in this high risk activity and have it be an on going conversation.

How do I set parental controls on my computer? Here are very easy step-by-step instructions to set parental controls.

I think my child died from The Choking Game, what do I do now? We strongly urge you to contact The DB Foundation and we can help you through the process of discovery and grief support

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