Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ogallala boy dies from choking game (8/22/2008)

By Corinne Hautala -

Authorities said a 9–year–old boy from Ogallala died playing the "choking game." Keith County authorities said the body of Tyler Anderson was found Wednesday night inside a home. Officials said his death is being investigated as an accident. They believe the boy lost consciousness from playing the "choking game."It is a game where people choke themselves or each other to feel faint. The U.S. Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention said 82 people have died from doing this......
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Kudos to the Keith County authorities for being aware of the Choking Game. We sincerely offer our condolenses to Tyler's family and friends. Another little boy, young...

Sadly within 2 weeks there were 2 boys ages 8 and 9 from different areas of the country have fallen victim to this 'game'. And still some school districts do not feel the need to introduce this to the Risk Prevention programs in their counties. How many grieving communities will it take?

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  1. One of my best friends died of the choking game in November 2009, Kris Marceno. It hit a lot of people really hard because most of of had never heard of the choking game before. When some of his friends decided to come foward after his death and say he had played the choking game before, i felt really angry at them. If they would have told someboy he was playing this deadly game, then he could still be alive now. If you know anybody who is playing this game, then speak up and tell anybody because you could save their lives. Most people don't know abou the choking game, so i believe its are job to inform them. If we inform one new person everyday, then we could really make a difference. More and more kids are dying for this game, so we need to be more aware of the signs that people are playing this deadly "game".