Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DBF takes on the Pepsi Refresh Challenge for funding a National Conference

Let's get the word out!  DBF needs your vote, everyday for the Month of November!  Our goal is to fund the 1st Annual Choking Game National Conference.  Thousands of parents, educators, law enforcement, medical professionals and risks prevention organizations, etc will gather further raise awareness and promote education of the high risk teen behavior known as the Choking Game.  The conference will also include a program for bereaved parents.
Friends with friends, share. Friends with blogs, message boards, etc, repost please. 
We need to reach far and wide! It's FREE for you, just takes a second of your time. 
Placing 3 votes, every day will be my routine for the month - will you take on the same challenge?
  3Votes every day: 
AND Text* 109321 to Pepsi (73774)
Mobile - http://m.refresheverything.com/19586
We can do this!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tees and Hoodies - get your order in for the July Delivery

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And the NEW! Tote-All! 
June 20th is the Deadline for July Delivery
Choking Game Victim's names added to the Tees and Hoodies include:                                           Brandon Carmichael, Nick Dessoffy, Spencer Fung, Sean Sanders, Skyler Smith and Andrew Wright     


Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 South Carolina Coroner's Conference

DBF was honored to have our own Dale Galloway and Erik Baaske invited to present information on the choking Game at the 2011 Annual S.C. Coroner's Conference.  We look forward to working together with South Carolina and other states to bring awareness of this teen risk behavior.

The ripple effect of this conference has been nothing short of amazing.  We're not surprised - this group was very receptive and supportive.  And we will walk through every door open to us!  We welcome the networking and assistance of all and anyone who would like to further the cause. Almost two dozen speaking engagements are sure to hit DBF's calendar  referred from the conference. 

We are going to remind the general public about action they can take, right now, right in their own state to further the cause. 
Contact the office of your elected officials and ask that they call the CDC and request to be briefed on our issue. This briefing will most likely take place between a staff member of the political office and a researcher at the CDC, such as Dr. Gilchrist.  To read ideas on how to go about this - Check out our Pg 4 of DBF's 2010 Newsletter